Pacific Explorer
The Odyssey
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Slider Specifications

  Sport XL
Length: 3.5m 4.2m
Width: 1.9m 1.9m
Height: 1.4m 1.4m
Weight: 250kg 275kg
Payload 200kg 350kg
Seating: In Line  
Hover-height: 250mm hard-structure clearance
Buoyancy: 700 kg (loop cells)
Motor: Hirth 40 kw 2-cycle, EFI twin cylinder, air cooled
Electrical: 12V, electronic ignition, electric start
Fuel: 40 lt, Unleaded Super 50:1 oil mix
Economy: 12-14 lt/hr at cruise
Hull: Glass reinforced plastic/PVC foam/Kevlar
Skirt: Permanently pressured loop and segments Nylon reinforced PVC and Urethane
Lift Fans: Two composite aerofoil centrifugal
Propulsion Fan: Three blade axial
Transmission: Polychain GT belt drive
Wave Capabilities: Up to 0.5m short chop
Speed: 80 km/h (dependent on conditions and operator skill)
Standard Equipment • 12V electrical system
• Electrical start
• Tachometer
• Volt, fuel and motor hour gauges
• Rear view mirrors
• Air pump for skirt loop cells
• Hull graphics
• Fire Extinguisher
• Engine bay bilge pump
Optional Equipment • Customer colours
• Collapsible oar
• Anchor
• Amber flashing light
• Hull cover
• Trailer




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