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The Odyssey
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The Odyssey

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The Odyssey Specifications
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Weight: 3,400 kg (unladen)
Load: 2,000 kg max
Length: 10.5m
Width: 4.5m
Height: 2.6m
Cushion Height: 0.55m (hard structure clearance)
Seating: 20 passenger with rear door entry and toilet compartment or luggage compartment
Power Units: 221 kw (300hp) direct injection 6cyl 4 stroke water cooled diesel turbocharged with intercooler
Transmission: Electric servo/hydraulic operated clutch, a direct drive to the lift and propulsion fans via Poly Chain GT Belts
Propulsion: Quiet drive 1.6m dia 3 bladed carbon fibre propeller with variable and reverse pitch
Lift Fan: High flow aerofoil sectioned carbon fibre centrifugal
Flexible Skirt: Full flow loop with multiple extended sections and skirt shift to bank the craft.
Wave Height: 1.3m
Speed: 40 knots (dependent on conditions)
Fuel Capacity: 400 litres
Fuel Consumption: 60 litres per hour at 95% power
Noise Level: Cruise speed at 20 metres 80 dBA
50 metres 72 dBA
100 metres 65 dBA
200 metres 59 dBA
Options: Raised Bridge




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