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Hovercraft Features

Modern Materials: GRP (fibreglass) kevlar moulded construction offering a strong, lightweight and impact resistant hull and top deck in a wide range of colours.

Custom Built: Options in hull length, seating, cabin layout and instrumentation, to cater for personal need or commercial requirement.

Advanced Technology: The flexible skirt systems are a unique design offering a smooth ride with excellent stability, enhancing passenger comfort and safety.

Performance: All our hovercraft are fully amphibious and smoothly transit from land to water, swamp, ice and will pass over environmentally sensitive areas without disturbing the surface ecology.

Leading Edge Design: Aerodynamic, sophisticated and stylish, our range of hovercraft are mechanically engineered for quiet operation and superb handling characteristics.

Expertise: Composite aerofoil centrifugal lift fans and low speed variable pitch carbon fibre thrust propellers are designed and manufactured in our workshop and offer high flow performance with low noise levels.

Standards: The highest standards are applied to our hovercraft design, materials and manufacture. Such standards include ISO, American SAE and New Zealand MSA and OSH.

Quality Service: All our personnel are highly trained professionals who take pride in their work. Whatever service you require you can be assured that the importance of your needs is paramount.

Guarantee: The products we manufacture have been thoroughly tested, and for this reason we can provide you with meaningful long term guarantees that we know our representatives and distributors will support.





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