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Hull Dimensions  
Length: 5.9m
Width: 2.3m
Height: 2.0m
Hull Dimensions (Inflated/hovering)
Length: 6.5m
Width: 2.9m
Height: 2.4m
Weight (empty) 1300kg
Payload 600 kg (7 persons and gear)

Cruise speed 30-60 kph
Top speed 70kph

Hover-height: 400mm
Wave capability:     600mm short chop
Standard hull color White
Engine • Hyundai gasoline engine. Power 200hp. Turbocharged and intercooled. Engine is a fully warranted new unit.
• Stainless Steel exhausts.
Optional Equipment • Craft hull - fiberglass construction with hard wearing gelcoat finish. Glass/foam laminate vacuum bagged hull for strength and lightness. Excellent impact and abrasion resistance with easy on site repairs.
• Four landing pads
• Four combination mooring cleats and lifting points for craft
• Front and rear stainless towing eye.
Cabin • Large curved high visibility laminated automotive windscreen. Curved side window with superb vision
• Window wiper with integral washer system
• Anti fogging windscreen de-mister vents
• Internal cabin light.
Fuel • Fuel type gasoline

• 120 litre fuel tank mounted amidships provides fuel for up to 4 hours cruising

Transmission • Centrifugal clutch engagement
• Pedestal type enclosed transmission
• Gates Polychain GT2 Kevlar Aramid toothed drive belts
• All rotating parts rubber mounted to minimize hull vibration.
Thrust • Single variable/reverse pitch 1600mm diameter 3 bladed propeller
• Sealed bearings
• Safety meshes on all air intakes
Lift • 800mm diameter centrifugal compressor fan. Strong non-corroding composite construction.
Skirt • Tube/Segment skirt system - permanently inflated outer tube gives 2500 kg positive buoyancy, gives excellent stability at speed and acts as a protective fender. Provides substantial energy absorption in the event of collision and makes loading and unloading of persons over the side easier
• High quality Northern Rubber neoprene/nylon material for skirt fingers
• Four internal airtight bladders with valves for rapid inflation and deflation
• Strong, easily repaired rip-stop PVC/nylon material used for tube outer skin. All seams hot bonded for maximum strength.
Control • Automotive style steering wheel.
• Marine cable operated steering rudders.

• Marine navigation lights
• 12 Volt electrical system with 60 amp alternator
• 800 CCA amp marine battery
• Amber strobe light
• Bilge pumps (engine bay and cabin)
• Fire extinguisher.

Shipping • The Discovery 7 may be shipped with or without a trailer in one standard 20 foot container.



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