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Bumper Boat
: Trailer boats article, October 2000

Fashioned from nylon-reinforced PVC with neoprene segments, the skirt is technically described as a “full-loop, constant-pressure cellular multi-finger” design. Each finger is individually pressurized, and this is what allows the craft to traverse seamlessly across any flat terrain, including a two-foot chop and even small waves. The pressurized loop also acts as a bumper cushion should the Slider bump into something it can’t float over. Two inflatable bladders around the craft create a 700kg “buoyancy chamber” that lets the hovercraft remain stable when you stop in the middle of the lake for a swim, or simply to enjoy the view.

Seating is similar to a personal water-craft, with driver and passenger riding tandem and the operator controlling via a pair of handlebars while monitoring engine functions on the standard tachometer, volt and fuel gauges. Stowage for personal flotation devices, jackets, towels and other gear is provided in two compartments that are accessed under the driver’s seat, or from a hatch in the front faring.

With a payload capacity of 200kg, the 250kg Slider is built on a 3.9m x 2.3m wide fibreglass hull, and is easily trailerable. Its streamlined shape adds to the craft’s futuristic looks, while aiding manoeuvrability and quick acceleration. Options include a trailer, bilge pump, blower, hourmeter and custom hull colours. This mini hovercraft runs on super unleaded gasoline mixed at a 50:1 fuel/oil ratio. Considering flights of fancy you can take aboard this ultimate personal recreation vehicle, it seems like a bargain.

Slider Hovercraft
Length: 3.9m
Beam: 2.3m
Weight: 250kg
Fuel Capacity: 40 litres
Engine: Hirth 52hp, two cylinder, two stoke
Transmission: Poly Chain GT Belt Drive
Lift Fan: Two aerofoil sectioned centrifugal
Propulsion Fan: One three-bladed axial



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