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Pacific Hovercraft

Pacific Hovercraft NZ Ltd is an international company with more than 20 years' experience in the hovercraft industry. Pacific Hovercraft's model range includes the sporty two and four-seater Slider, the six-seater Discovery, the 12-seater Explorer, and the 5 to 40 tonne Atlas hover-platforms. All craft are built to high standards so quality, performance and reliability are naturally a feature.

In-house development and manufacture of skirts, hulls, propellers and lift fans give Pacific Hovercraft a major technical advantage over other hovercraft companies. Lower noise results from proper design incorporating separate lift fans and slow speed thrust propellers.

For those wanting excitement on the water, the racy "Slider" model is just the thing. Made of fibreglass, the Slider hovercraft travels at speeds of up to 80 kph with its unique skirt design giving it exceptional performance. The upper portion of the skirt is like a giant rubber tube which incorporates flexible extensions and provides the hovercraft with excellent floatation and a 'dodgem' ability to fend off solid objects at low speed without damage. When at rest on water, the Slider can be used as a very stable floating platform for sporting activities, such as fishing, shooting or diving - giving it the edge over other hovercraft on the market.

Pacific Hovercraft "The nearest comparable 'big boy's toy' to a Slider would be a jetski, but the Slider is much more versatile. You can go to far more places with a hovercraft than you can with a jetski and it will run over shallows, swampy ground, land, and ice."

"The Slider is the most advanced light hovercraft in the world and we stand behind that. A small number of manufacturers around the world produce personal hovercraft, but to date there hasn't been a hovercraft which you could say was really user friendly. The Slider is very user friendly."

The key to its success will be in its ease of use, quietness and exceptional safety. as well as being affordable."

Flight of Fancy

Ever dreamed of flying? Live your fantasy with this wild new hovercraft that whisks across land or sea with equal ease.

Everyone has dreams about personal flight in which you soar on outstretched arms, your mind as tranquil and free as a bird on the wing. It's the desire for freedom that inspires such fantasies, and that very emotion is what draws us to water in the first place. On an ocean or lake, we can go where we like - until we run out of water, that is. But lack of H2O won't stop the wild new Slider, which can transition from the deep river to terra firma without missing a beat.


Bumper Boat

Fashioned from nylon-reinforced PVC with neoprene segments, the skirt is technically described as a "constant pressure full loop segment" design. Each finger is individually pressurized, and this allows the craft to traverse seamlessly across any flat terrain, including small waves. The pressurized loop also acts as a bumper cushion should the Slider bump into something it can't float over. Two inflatable bladders around the craft create a 700kg "buoyancy chamber" that lets the hovercraft remain stable when you stop in the middle of the lake for a swim, or simply to enjoy the view.

New Model
Slider XLS100

Craft available for immediate delivery. Specifications as per brochure with trailer included.

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